Cast and Creative | No Change in the Weather | A Newfoundland Musical

The People



St. John's

  • Executive Producer
    Walter Schroeder
  • Creative Producer
    Bob Hallett
  • Managing Producer
    Ann Connors
  • Artistic Associate
    Courtney Brown
  • Company Manager
    Nefren Feizo-Gas
  • Company Technical Director/Facilities Manager
    Pat Dempsey
  • Company Production Manager
    Brendan Agnew
  • Company Stage Manager
    Jaimie Tait
  • Head of Wardrobe
    Sara Hodder
  • Head of Carpentry
    Jeff Baggs
  • Covid Safety Officer
    Reg Hoskins
  • Craft Services
    Andrea Monro
  • Building Maintenance
    Julia Donahue
  • Marketing and Communications
    Prime Creative
  • Logo
    Mira Howards
  • Music Supervisor
    Wayne Warren


  • Finance
    Bettina Yau
  • CFO
    Michael McConnell
  • Legal
    Tara Parker
  • Technology Head
    Bart Wyka
  • Research
    Donna Norvey