Frank Donato - No Change In The Weather

Frank Donato Frank Donato

Assistant Lighting Designer

Frank Donato is an emerging Lighting and Video Designer born and raised in Ottawa, Ontario. Selected design credits include Notes of Hope (ICOT, Toronto), Bent (Tototoo Theatre, Ottawa), The Revolutions (SpiderWebShow, Kingston), and Plucked (Summerworks, Toronto). When not designing, Frank is fortunate to assist mentors and designers across Ontario and beyond. Past assisting credits include Little Shop of Horrors, The Neverendingstory, The Crucible, Comedy of Errors, Brontë: The World Without, Paradise Lost (Stratford Festival), Out The Window (The Theatre Center, Luminato), Le Wild West Show Du Gabriel Dumont (NAC, Persephone Theatre, Theatre Circle Moliere), Riel (COC, NAC), Constellations (Centaur Theatre), and Prom Queen: The Musical (Segal Center). Frank is a proud graduate of the Production program at the National Theatre School of Canada.