Renée Strasfeld - No Change In The Weather

Constable Rivier Banashee Renée Strasfeld

Renée Strasfeld

Renée is excited to be a part of the No Change in the Weather cast. Her recent theatre includes the Fringe and Best of Fringe, sketch hit Carpe Into my DM’s which she co-wrote and starred in shortly after graduating from the Second City Conservatory. She is currently working on some sketch songs and hopes to find a stage to share them on soon. For the better part of a decade, Renée toured all across North America performing for children, with Max and Ruby, Dora The Explorer, as well as the English and French tours of Toopy and Binoo. Since 2019 Renée has been the Voice of Lysol Canada. She has also done campaigns Atlassian, Little Cesars, Little Giant Tiger, Sport Check and Ford. Michael Rubinstein, Jude Foster, my family, and of course, Mark.