Josh Ward - No Change In The Weather

Josh Ward

Acoustic Guitar, Bouzouki

Josh Ward is a Performer. As part of a musical family, he was exposed from a young age and, feeling that he was probably not much good at anything else, eventually decided to pursue performance as a career. The early years found him playing electric bass in several terrible rock bands, and occasionally jamming traditional music with his family. He later went on to study double bass at Memorial University of Newfoundland, and joined as many ensembles as possible, including the Newfoundland Symphony Orchestra. During this time he implemented a policy of never ever turning down a gig, and was fortunate to get tons of playing opportunities on stage and in studios, churches, barns, etc. He eventually settled into a life in a van with the band Hey Rosetta! and spent ten years continuing to not ever turn down a gig. Be it jazz, funk, soul, country, bluegrass, traditional, heavy metal, prog, electro, world, or rock. Whatever. Nowadays you can still find him on stage in studios, churches, barns, etc., still not ever turning down a gig and still with a smile on his face.