Cast and Creative | No Change in the Weather | A Newfoundland Musical
No Change in the Weather

2019 Production's Cast & Creative

No Change in the Weather was first produced in 2019 and toured across Canada with the following cast and creative team:

A Terra Bruce Production


  • Kelly-Ann Evans
  • Mark Whelan
  • Paul Rowe
  • Marquita Walsh
  • Calvin Powell
  • Brooke C. Adams
  • Keelan Purchase
  • Vicki Harnett
  • Olivia Heaney
  • Alex Abbott
  • Robyn Huxter


  • Paul Kinsman
  • Chuck Bucket
  • Sean Panting
  • Josh Ward
  • Kelly Russell
  • Tamsyn Russell


  • Executive Producer
    Walter Schroeder
  • Director
    Ruth Lawrence
  • Original Concept by
    Walter Schroeder
  • Book
    Walter Schroeder
    Bernardine Stapleton
  • Script
    Bernardine Stapleton
  • Producer
    Bob Hallett
  • Musical Arrangements
    Bob Hallett
    Paul Kinsman
  • Musical Director
    Paul Kinsman
  • Sound Design
    Brian Kenny
  • Lighting Design
    Leigh Ann Vardy
  • Set/Props Design
    Mark White
  • Projection Design
    Pat Dempsey
  • Costume Design
    Melanie Ozon
  • Choreographer/Movement Coach
    Lynn Panting
  • Musical Transcription
    Alex Abbott


  • Managing Producer
    Ann Connors
  • Stage Manager
    Jaimie Tait
  • Assistant Stage Manager
    Jordan Vincer
  • Technical Director
    Brian Kenny
    Pat Dempsey
  • Live Mix
    Kaitlyn MacKinnon
  • Set/Props Builder
    James Kelly
  • Production Assistant/Tour Coordinator
    Nefren Feizo-Gas
  • Production Intern
    Ashley Bergman
  • Production Assistant
    Sharon Stevens
    Mary Beth Waldram
  • Assistant Lighting Designer
    Kirsten Watt
    Frank Donato


  • Controller
    Kathy Lai
  • Analyst
    Bettina Yau
  • Legal
    Tara Parker
  • Marketing and Communications
    Prime Creative
  • Research
    Donna Norvey
  • Music Supervisor for Open Coffin Music
    Lindsay-Bea Davis
  • Logo
    Mira Howards
  • Photography Credits
    David Howells
    Ritche Perez
    Paul Kinsman
    Paul Mills
    Chris LeDrew
    Lisa Bokelman Sells